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Access to hot spring hotel GINSYOU of flower

Please set car navigation system in 0993-22-3231.
※I'm very sorry. As there is not pickup and drop-off service in this hotel, thank you for your understanding.
*rian: Detached room with hot spring water pool ※An example
■ Information for anemaikan*rian (we worry about lily) ■
  GINSYOU has sisters building "loss of interest in hot spring water pool garden & gimmatsubetsutei*rian".
It is located toward Yamate from Ibusuki city area and enjoys local ingredients,
Private resort that was surrounded in quietness while feeling nature to be.
You make use of taste of Kagoshima and can enjoy nature of Ibusuki to the maximum.
Guest room becomes guest room of detached room of all 17 with open-air bath,
There is "hot spring water private pool" that the use is available for type belonging to in whole year.
We would like sisters building "*rian".

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Neighboring sightseeing information
■ Natural sand bath center sand comfort (saraku) ■
  Facility which can enjoy natural sand hot spring of specialty of Ibusuki Onsen managed by Ibusuki-shi.
  We are buried under sand, and effect of natural sauna is provided with yukata.

  ●Opening time    From 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 
  ●Contact    0993-23-3900 
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■ Intellect forest ka island (chiringashima) ■
It is beautiful uninhabited island floating in Gulf of Kagoshima (Gulf of Kinko).
At the time of ebb tide of flood tide from March through October or the medium tide,
Way (sandbar) of sand of approximately 800m in length appears, and walk in intellect forest ka island
We can pass.
When it is said to be island of matchmaking and sounds "clinks bell" in island
Surely it is power spot that can find happiness.

  ●Contact    Sightseeing in Ibusuki-shi section 0993-22-2211 
  ●Detailed information look at Ibusuki synthesis sightseeing site.  
■ Nagasakibana parking garden ■
  Spot of healing that reproduced the tropical jungle. Rare plants grow thick,
  We can calm down with monkey and chicken including free-range squirrel monkey.

  ●Opening time    From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
  ●Contact    0993-35-0111 
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■ Lake Ikeda ■
The Kyushu where various legends and anecdotes remain's greatest caldera lake.
Large eel of pleasure boat and 2m in length, waist 50cm
We can see.

  ●Detailed information look at Ibusuki synthesis sightseeing site.