QLOOK access analysis

※[attention] This number
 It is mat now with number of hotel
 We do not do. Please do not put in the car navigation system.

Common inquiry

Which should inquiry about reservation make?
Amakawa resort reservation center
madeo, please call.

Is there non-smoking room?
Only loss of interest in GINSYOU with open-air bath Western-style room and loss of interest in GINSYOU Western-style room are non-smoking rooms.

Other than it, we do not distribute non-smoking room, smoking room.
If you want,
As we do room "deodorization-response"
Please input in message column at the time of reservation.
We heard even telephone.

Are there pickup and drop-off from Ibusuki Station?
There are not pickup and drop-off.
From Ibusuki Station,
We recommend the use of taxi.
It is about 4-5 minutes from station.

Is credit card available?
VISA, mastercard.,JCB,AMERICAN EXPRESS,Union Pay
It is available.
When we arrive other than it
To Amakawa resort reservation center
Please refer.

Is there family bath?
There are two on the fifth floor and,
It is available free.
As it does not need reservations,
It is available if available.

When it is foot, how long does it take from Ibusuki Station?
For approximately approximately 30 minutes.

How long does [natural sand bath center sand comfort] from GINSYOU cost?
There is few on foot for one minute.

Is there Wi-Fi?
It is available in the first-floor lounge.

Where is place of meal?
It becomes the first floor or restaurant on the second floor.

Is there restaurant?
There is not restaurant.

Dinner, time for breakfast?
Start time for dinner from 18:00,
The last start time is 20:00.

Start time for breakfast from 7:30,
The last start time is 9:00.

After was arrived; with the person in charge of bodyguard
We have time make arrangements.