Heavens outdoor bath

Another world of bath floating in blue heavens. Bathroom "heavens outdoor bath" of / sky

The sea opens under eyes, and islands floating on the top form a line as if snuggling up.
And the sky spreads out forever in front. . . .
View from the ninth floor above the ground is right superb view! While enjoying expression of changing nature,
Please thoroughly enjoy heavens outdoor bath to the full.

 ●Use time for the ninth-floor heavens outdoor bath (guest)●
   ・It is 30 00-9 15:00 - 23:30.6
Magnificent scenery sweep of the eye, men's bath "get separated cloud" 

"We get separated, and heavens outdoor bath of men's bath can overlook intellect forest ka island, Mt. Uomi from cloud",
We can look at the morning sun rising depending on season.

We are immersed in extensive bathtub to the full, and screen of the huge sky opens there when we put up face incidentally----
Scenery to move there changes every moment, and circle of solar light lengthens to bath.
We bring on taste that nobody knows.
Be dyed in the sea of sky. . .
Fantastic space that is stained with the morning sun
A feeling of floating that seems to totally float in the sky. . .
Get separated; night scenery of cloud

View superb view, ladies' bath "we are isolated cloud"

"We are isolated, and heavens outdoor bath of ladies' bath can overlook Osumi Peninsula from cloud" from Gulf of Kinko,
We can look at the morning sun rising depending on season.

We soak in the good finest outdoor bath of view very, and it seems to bath, and the sky is crowded when we look in the surface of the water that became quiet.
We drift, and it is delighted at the sun setting for feeling overlooking the sea in the sky by God. Thing tying anything up nestles in the flowing elegant world that does not exist--
Please enjoy wide view.
The morning sun to be isolated, and to see from cloud
View of fine weather. . .
When the sky and the sea and hot spring are stained with the morning sun. . .
We project expression of the sky, and the sea, the sky are connected to bath

A sweet time to taste while it is wrapped in flavor of the tide / Inside bath, open-air bath

The very large sea opens outside, and sound of comfortable wave and flavor of the tide invite customer to deeper ease.
As it is mild hot spring which is kind to skin, it is available in peace.
Please enjoy hot spring flowing constantly from the source luxuriously.

●Use time for the second-floor large communal bath (guest)●
 ・It is 30 - 9:30 15:00 - 24:00.5 
Men's bath, inside bath that we did spaciously
State of men's bath, open-air bath
Inside bath of ladies' bath, calm atmosphere
State of ladies' bath, open-air bath
It is fun in families. Do not hold water; / family bath

 Steam sauna, lying-down bath is included, and family hot water has bath in consideration for barrier-free, too.
Two in the reserved family bath in total. At time that we want to soak in bathtub slowly without minding another person
Please use. Of course it is hot spring flowing constantly from the source.

●Use time for family bath (guest)●
 ・From 15:00 to 22:30
 ・ From 7:00 to 9:30

State of family hot water. . . ※An example
State of family hot water. . . ※An example