Ginsyou original banquet dishes

First hot water smoke only for GINSYOU Japan to enjoy with "hot spring table" to go up [ginsyou original banquet dishes]

Hospitality for the making of deeper memory only by GINSYOU which can enjoy hot spring thoroughly.
Ginsyou original banquet dishes enjoys cooking using exclusive "hot spring table" while hot water smoke rises
It is specialty banquet dishes of GINSYOU to be able to have.


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In restaurant relaxedly private room-style by meal with important person

"Hot spring table" that the source flows into the center of dishes table
Well, in flavor and hot water smoke faint meal
You can enjoy.
Time for meal with important one slowly
To be able to spend time, private room-style restaurant
We prepare.

・Seat, moat kotatsu seat, chair seat at a table with tatami mat floor
We offer various seats in this. Eyes of other one
Without minding, relaxedly 
Please thoroughly enjoy banquet dishes of cooking length pride.

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Exquisite Satsumaage to fry in front

Vaunted one of this hotel. . . 
Of Kagoshima local cuisine which is included all in dinner
 "Satsumaage." . .
With this Satsumaage, it is GINSYOU 
In front room clerk one by one
I fry heartily and give.

Delicious Satsumaage of exquisite deep-fried condition,
Before cooling down in 'burning hot' by all means 
Please have with specially made black vinegar sauce.

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Basic banquet dishes full of atmosphere    

The source flows into the center of hot spring table,
In faint flavor and hot water smoke dishes
You can enjoy.
While making use of taste of Kagoshima,
You can have deliciously
It is banquet dishes of chef pride.

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"Black banquet dishes" which enjoy taste of Kagoshima

We can taste only in Kagoshima,
The home [three black brands of Kagoshima]
 ●[Kagoshima black pork]
 ●[Kagoshima black cattle]
 ●[Kagoshima black Satsuma chicken]
Three black that the cooking head selected carefully
[black banquet dishes] which we took in is popular.